Tuesday, 3 March 2015


Everybody washes their clothes and everybody will always follow the guide for the amount of detergent to put. But what if decreasing the amount of detergent used causes the clothes to be cleaner. Our ISS is to test if the amount of detergent changes the amount of permanent ink being washed off. We shaded 5 by 5 square on the different type of cloth (polyester, acetate, cotton) with permanent marker and washed it with different amount Dynamo detergent. We then used a PVC pipe to simulate an environment with a single light source, and tested the amount of light that passed through each type of fabric, with a light sensor. Our results allowed us to conclude that for clothes made of acetate and polyester, we should use less detergent, but for clothes made of cotton, we could use a little more detergent. This alerts people that using a large amount of detergent does not necessarily clean clothes more efficiently.

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